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Thermocouples, RTD's, Thermowells, Protection Tubes

infrared thermocouplesInfrared Thermocouples
Infrared Thermocouples are used where high temperatures or moving parts have to be measured. Infrared Thermocouples are made in either ABS Stainless steel and come in various models. Thermocouples type such as J,K,T,E,R,S. are available in various temperature ranges. 
indsutrial thermocouples, rtd assembliesIndustrial Thermocouples and RTD Assemblies
Industrial Thermocouples and RTD Assemblies are manufactured using high quality contamination and chemical resistant mineral insulated RTD and thermocouple cable.

Industrial Thermocouples and RTD Assemblies have higher temperature capabilities up to (3000ºF) and insure trouble free operation where with minimum failure.
plastic thermocouplesPlastic Thermocouples
Plastic Thermocouples are available with various types of leads like Hi temp fiberglass, PVC, SS Braided fiberglass or with Stainless Steel flexible armour cable. Plastic thermocouples are normally rated for low temperature ranges up to a thousand degrees F, however the same construction could be used for higher temperatures. 
thermowells, protection tubesThermowells and Protection Tubes
When Thermocouples or RTD's or any other sensors are exposed to harsh atmospheres they are damaged. This damaged due to mechanical or chemical contamination can be avoided by the use of  protection tubes or Thermowells.
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