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data loggerData loggers are capable of storing 21845 measured points and data logging them into spread sheets or EXCEL files or graphs as required. These data loggers can be used as stand alone data loggers or on line loggers that work in real time with USB connections to the computer or through wireless modems . Graphs that have auto ranging and various units of measurement are also readily available along with data points logged to indicate various annotated points that enable the user to determine when data logging started And when it was logging terminated.

battery powered data loggerThese miniature stand alone battery powered loggers have a long battery life and can be set up to have a large variety of data logging intervals . Available for Temperature PH Humidity Pressure Level milli-amps / milli-volts Current Voltage and other process measurements like strain gauge shock vibration pulse events data logging in real time or as a stand alone remote data logger. Quick data logging retrieval software with EXCEL file and data trending charts with remote wireless or stand alone use enable data logging anywhere it is required at affordable cost compared with data logging software available. These data loggers are easily calibrated to log variables and are available with calibration certificates . The data loggers in real time mode can be set up to have alarms that re activated when any parameter is out of the envelope these alarms can be a screen alarm a Fax alarm or an email alarm notifying that the data logged is out of the norm .

circular chart recorderCircular chart recorders are also available where real time chart recording is required with various inputs and out puts . Chart recorders with programmable alarm options combined with ease of setup provide the flexibility required for multiple recording applications. The ink style FZY 5000 is the first recorder to self document setup configuration and can operate using standard or competitive charts, another first in the industry.

Eliminate multi vendor chart recorder inventories while reducing operator confusion. Protect your process with the chart recorder with battery backup option, continuous recording for up to 48 hours in the event of power loss.

chart recorderThe thermal print version offers a single chart inventory for all of your recording needs. Print your own chart technology includes real time trend and digital data directly on your historical records. No more confusion when replacing charts. The FZY 5000 the right choice for recording. These chart recorders have universal in out and can accept any process input signal and have 24 hr or 7 day charts available in various configurations.

Customized charts are also available for these chart recorders to enable chart recording on the users own chart configuration . with various definitions to enable easy recognition of charts and if the chart recorded is within given parameter or in alarm . Chart recorders with multi pens are also available and have charts and pens with various colors are available to facilitate easy chart reading.
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