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Heaters / Band Heaters

band heatersHeaters for all industrial process
Heaters are available for heating air, solids, liquids, and gases. Also available are heater bands and cast band heaters with flexible heaters and high temp tubular heating elements that provide even heat where heating is required to be uniform can be used in various process heating applications. Should these heaters be needed quickly, they can be made in 3 days.

Cartridge mica band heaters, tubular heating assemblies like screw plug immersion heaters, flange process, and immersion heaters and over the side immersion heaters are also available for quick delivery. Teflon heaters, duct heaters, and strip heaters are available to heat most critical industrial processes and can have temperatures up to 1200 degrees C in ceramic and 1400 degrees F in Mineral Insulated heating band heaters. Radiant heating elements and radiant heaters are available up to 600 volts 3 phase with built in temperature controls and sensors.

Heaters used for packaging and process applications requiring precise temperatures and controls in the manufacturing process, are CSA and UL approved and could be specially inspected for CE approval. The heaters are also made in explosion proof versions for most Class 1, Div II A B C & D area’s and are designed to withstand moisture and outdoor weather conditions.

Heaters for electroplating and heaters for acids requiring Teflon coating are also available, custom made with heated hose that would operate up to 5000 PSI and 1000 Degrees F.

cast heat cool band heaters Cast heat cool band heaters made with materials like aluminum and bronze are available for extruder applications that need to be heated, injection moulding machines that need heaters on the barrel for heating.

Heat tracing tapes, heaters with controllers on them with various heating thermostats, and freeze protection thermostats are available for all applications. Drum heaters that fit on 55 gallon drums, 15 gallon drums or 5 gallon pails with low watt densities can be used on plastic drums that need to be heated are also available.

high watt density heatersLow, medium, and high watt density heaters with cable heaters can be made from .040” outer heated diameter to 1.0” outer heated diameter. Cable heaters with inside and outside heating are manufactured with or without built in heat sensors to heat various products used in industry.
Titanium heaters with various flanges and fittings and protective tubes with Quartz, INCOLLOY or INCONEL sheathing for heating sensitive material like poly or other delicate liquids such as chocolate, oil, beer, or other food products that would burn at higher surface temperatures are available for quick delivery. Specialty heaters made of Stainless and Passivated are also available.
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