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fuzypro fuzzy logic temperature controllersThe FUZYPRO Fuzzy Logic Temperature Controllers can easily be configured to provide precise control. The advanced Smarter Logic "Fuzzy" allows control and processes to be controlled better than ever before, with virtually no initial overshoot or temperature variations.

Temperature Controls for various inputs and outputs can be shipped from stock. These controls are available in various sizes like 1/16 DIN control size . 1/8 DIN Control size and a 1/4DIN Controller sizes As the control detects a process disturbance the fuzzy logic continuous decision making function quickly returns the process value to the set point.

A single ramp/soak function prevents rapid temperature changes that could damage the product being heated. An optional dwell timer enables an event to be timed on or off when a preset temperature is attained. In addition self-diagnostic capabilities, sensor linearization and cold junction compensation are all performed by the powerful, single chip microprocessor.

Controllers for programmable or cascade functions with remote set points retransmit or RS 485 communications are available with all types of control options like Relay control DC control output Triac control 4 – 20 mA control or digital control or logic control outputs as required by the Control system. Full PID or servo motor Control and valve Control or phase angle control with single phase or three phase control is also available in these controller.

The controls / controllers can control temperature Flow Pressure Level with scalable milliamps milli-volts voltage and current inputs . They can also be set up to auto tune any loop control that needs Rate Proportional band and Reset Parameters set up automatically.

Rapid auto tune fuzzy logic Full time auto tune pre-tune and constant tune are some of the features that are available on most controllers. That require to control high tech control loops . The full time or constant auto tune takes into account any load or sensor changes that may exist in the loop and applies the necessary OPID control parameters that would keep the system within the required control parameters.

Controllers with digitally changeable set points and MODBUS RTU and RS 232 or 485 communications are available in 32nd DIN control sizes right up to 1⁄4 DIN and 1/8 DIN Sizes . These controllers have various control options that can be field installed for any and or control function that may be required.

Programmable controllers with multiple ramp and soak steps can be set up for guaranteed soak in either a time based / rate or real time format to provide the best control process.
  • 48mm by 48mm Smarter Logic for superior control
  • Automatic tuning of PID parameters
  • Splash & chemical resistant sealed mylar front panel
  • External lockout PID heating and PID cooling
  • A11 control parameters front panel adjustable
  • Auto/manual operation, F or C display, 3 year warranty
  • Selectable input, optional alarm or on/off delay timer
Lock out codes and functions are also available for operator lockout and software for data logging and control is also available. SCADA software to work with all controls with communications can make strategy control based on events times of math parameters are also available for transmit and receive communications on the controller
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